Hey yall, it’s Christie. I’m a junior at Wake Forest University who loves sports, music, traveling, learning and trying new things. Ever since I ventured to Vietnam a year ago, I have developed an intense passion for the world and everything it has to offer–culture, food, religion, music, language, men… I am still not quite sure where this passion will take me, all I know is that I want to experience anything and everything. What better place to start than Europe?

Me at a Vietnamese school last summer

This semester, I am living in Kensington, London in hopes of mastering probably one of the most complicated systems in the world: British politics. As a student at Boston University: London, I will be taking classes in politics and journalism as well as interning for the Center for Parliamentary Studies, a political think tank. My journey has begun, let’s see where it takes me…

Me in fifty years?


3 responses

30 08 2010

you should change this so we can know more about you.

15 09 2010

Hey Christie! Loved reading your blog.. 30 years ago, it was a letter home.. You are a great writer and have wonderful eyes.. don’t have to tell you to have fun or make every minute count as you are well beyond that!
Love to you xxx

24 09 2010
e dubz

“hey ya’ll its christie”…im not here but leave me a message and ill get back to you

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